The Seehausener Forest is occupied!

A new highway, the A14, is meant to be built in the Altmark, a part of Germany’s largest highway-free area. The highway track will cut through the Seehausener forest.

In times of global climate crisis it is not acceptable for the state to keep pushing a car-based system.

We don’t want another forest to be destroyed for a shitty highway, which will just generate more profit for the industry and further destroy the environment and living space for all lifeforms.

As the government keeps on ignoring the interests of people and nature, we choose to directly prevent the cutting and construction.

This is not just a fight for mobility change but part of a way bigger struggle against the capitalist system. We do not want to create a greener capitalism based on the exploitation of humans and nature espacially in the global south. As long as this colonial patriarchal system exists, we will continue to climb trees and occupy forests to stop destructive projects like the A14.

We are just one part of the resistance against the highway. We stand in solidarity with all persons fighting with all methods against all highways and the system that needs them.

We stand in solidarity with everyone fighting against oppression and the destruction of our world.

We want to create an open space in which we try to reflect and unlearn oppressive behavior, where everyone is welcome and feels invited to pass by and be part of the occupation.

No machos. No fascists. No cops.

For a world without hierarchies. For selfdetermination. For a good life for everyone.

Moni bleibt!

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