General decree to the district of Stendal

Since the district of Stendal has so far behaved uncooperatively with regard to the Autonomous Zone Altmark (AZA), we see ourselves forced to publish the following conditions in order to ensure peaceful coexistence. Violations by the police or the county, which endanger the autonomy and existence of the AZA, will be considered as belligerent aggression. In this case, we consider a declaration of war as a last necessary means to guarantee our right to exist. In this respect, we invoke the Geneva Convention of 1918.

1.a) The Altmark Autonomous Zone is not a national territory of the Federal Republic of Germany but an anti-national, self-governing zone. As such, it is not under the authority of the district of Stendal.

b) Police officers have no authority to enter or drive around the assembly area.

c) Violations will be considered as an act of aggression and will be prosecuted self-legally.

2. a) As a gesture of goodwill, the district of Stendal must immediately provide 10 pallets of “Sternburg Bräu Export”. This is to be considered as a prerequisite for peaceful negotiations.

b) Furthermore, we demand the provision of a fire-fighting water supply of 20,000 liters of oat milk.

3. church bells of the adjacent communities must not exceed a limit (measured at the border of the assembly area) of 60 db or 45 db after 10 pm.

4. a) We demand information about all stocks of the aservatenkammer of the police Stendal. Furthermore, the transmission of the complete site plans of all buildings used by the police.

b) The administrative district Stendal has to present the fire protection concept of all its buildings used by the police. Particular emphasis is to be placed on possible weak points.

c) The Autonomous Zone is to be provided immediately with 6,000 liters of heating oil and 3,000 liters of gasoline for the preservation and enforcement of peace and the anarchist values of self-determination, freedom and solidarity.

5. a) All employees of the public institutions of the district Stendal have to dry their laundry at a central place.

b) The exact location must be communicated to the occupants by means of officially prescribed pictograms for this purpose in accordance with ACAB 13.12.

c) Special attention must be paid to the underwear of officers, which must not exceed a soiling level of 3.
For better traceability, only undergarments of the color “pearl white” may be used.

6. a) On all surfaces used by the district of Stendal, neither soil sealing nor compaction may occur. The use of concrete is particularly prohibited.

b) All structures that do not meet these specifications must be demolished immediately and the affected areas subjected to a renaturalization process.

7. a) All minors are not allowed to be in school buildings between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays.

b) Police officers are only allowed to be present if they are accompanied by a young person under the age of 16. This serves to control the officers with regard to their responsibility towards the younger generation not to actively participate in the destruction of the planet.

8. a) The district Stendal has to provide for the fact that in its forests, no murder is committed. For this purpose we demand the immediate destruction of all infrastructure serving to hunt.

b) All rifles of hunting persons are to be confiscated and immediately handed over to the occupying person.

9. a) Any “civilization waste” caused by the county is to be disposed of properly outside the earth’s atmosphere by Elon Musk’s SpaceX program.

b) The so-called “civilization waste” includes all resident millionaires and billionaires in addition to the waste generated by the implementation of 6b).

10) A complete list of the names and addresses of all members of the state parliament as well as officials in the service of police and public order office is to be handed over on request.

11. in anticipation of the extreme weather conditions due to the climate disaster caused by the county, the county is to be evacuated immediately.

The fulfillment of these conditions within a period of 2 weeks is to be understood as a condition for the possibility of the implementation of the condition notice issued by the district of Stendal to the occupation. Should future negotiations fail to produce an agreement that is responsible for the occupation, the option of a Holz-Gladius duel between the Federal Minister of Transport, Andreas Scheuer, and a deligated person from the AZA is envisaged.

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