We care about dealing with corona responsibly. We also care about fighting against global capitalism and we will not let corona stop us from being active and fighting against the system.

At the same time being in a risk group and having special needs in terms of corona shouldn’t prevent anyone from coming and being part of the occupation. We will try to manage all kinds of different needs.
This is our suggestion on how to do deal with it, but everyone and every situation and needs are different so if you have questions, special needs etc., contact us, we will find a solution.

Please try to deal with Corona as responsibly as you can in your situation.

If you want to visit us just for the day with a mask and distance, you’re very welcome.

All people staying in the forest for a longer period of time consider themselves as one household. If you would like to join us for a longer period of time, you’re very welcome to. If you have the possibility to do quick-test before, please do it, if not we will organise one for you.

We ask you to consider not visiting us in the forest if you show Covid-19 symptoms. Otherwise we can arrange the possibilty to self-quarantine for people who wish to or need it.

If you are unsure you can write to us and tell us about your specific needs and we can find a solution together.

If you have been tested positive within 14 days after a stay in Moni, please let us know in which period you stayed with us.
If people who have stayed at Moni are tested positive, we will inform you here about the period.

We want to spread revolution, not Corona!