Why do we occupy?

Why are we here?
We don‘t want this highway. But that‘s not all. We want a space, where everyone is welcome. Here you can always get good food or cook with us. No matter what language you speak and who you love. For this you will not need to pay. If you want to stay longer, we will find a sleeping place for you. If you want to build something, we have material you can use.
You can come even if you are shy. It is fine if you don’t talk or don‘t want to be with many people.
As long as you don‘t think you are better than others, you are welcome.

Who we are:
We are people who want a world, where everyone has enough. In this world there are no rich people. Because the rich want us to work a lot. So much that we cannot live well anymore. They are also killing nature.
We are also against the police, because they hit us and lock us up. They want to forbid us to live for ourselves and not work for the rich.
In Moni there are no chefs. We think that no one is better than anyone else.
We are for nature and against big projects, that politicians and big companies want. The people living next to these projects are often not asked their opinion. The highway is a project like that.