BUYING STOP for food donations

Hello dear people who want to support the occupation,
some of us were talking these days about sustainability and food. For people in this occupation that includes moving away from capitalist consumption and towards self-organized supply structures. To engage with this process more depply, people have decided to ask for a BUYING STOP for food donations (such as bread spreads, individually packaged rice/noodles/grains, bought fruits and veggies, etc.) People want to try this as an experiment to challenge themselves to be more engaged with their nutrition. This is not meant as an expression of ingratitud towards those who have supported us in this manner. At the same time people want to take responsibilty for the suffering and destruction which many commercial products cause. Another goal is to motivate to support the occupation in more uncommercial ways. It is always nice if people come by to visit the occupation. Preferably it should grow as a community with roots in the region rather than an isolated occupation (“activists”) with an outsourced service sector (“supporties”). If you dont have the possibilty to gift us some of your time and energy, but have some spare money, just ask us what specifically is needed (We will continue buying regional products in large quantities such as oats, flour, oil, etc.)
People are also always happy about donations of rescued or self-produced food. We are receiving a lot of wonderful self-grown food donated from regional organic farms. If we have everything we need and you still want to donate, there are plenty of anarchist groups who really need money that we would happily distribute that to.
A goal for the future would be to be to build up alternative food structures for the region. If you have motivation or ressources to help (ex. contacts to supermarkets, spare food that you dont use yourself) create foodsharing structures, please write us a message!
Also feel free to contact us with thoughts and comments!
This should be  understood as an open process of reflection on our consumption behaviour, for everybody to participate. This is also part of a much broader discussion on how we can build up alternative structures to replace capitalist ones. Thank you for taking the time to think about this!

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Speech from the Demo on Elbe – Mobilitychange Action Day

This speech was held on the bridge across the river Elbe on the mobility change action day on the 5th of june

Hey people, how is it going? First I would like to say thank you to the people organizing the demonstration for the invitation to speak here.
I came from Moni forest occupation where I´ve spent last one and half month. Many of us in Moni have been to Danni or other occupations before where we´ve learnt many skills but especially we´ve learnt that we want to do a lot of things differently.
First of all we don´t want to have here a division between activists in the forest and supporters who bring them oat milk while both groups keep distance from each other.
We chose to occupy the forest as our form of action but we are aware that this action is just same important as all the others. Some people build treehouses, other organize demonstrations, another people take care of the train station in Seehausen while other people grow nice organic food. Diversity of tactics is important for any movement which want to be successful. Continue reading

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Moni bleibt antifa

An insight into our struggle

Our forest occupation is standing for about one month now and a lot has happened since then. There are now more than 10 structures in the trees. None of us expected that we would grow so fast when we first got together somewhere in the Altmark a few weeks ago and figured out where we would put up the first platforms.
We have had a lot of visits and support from people in the surrounding towns, for example our potato supply is always full, which we are very enthusiastic about!
But there have also been some visits from highway supporters, some of them just for discussion, some of them openly right-wing extremists, who were behaving aggressively and because of this acute threatening situations have occurred a few times. Continue reading

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The Seehausener Forest is occupied!

A new highway, the A14, is meant to be built in the Altmark, a part of Germany’s largest highway-free area. The highway track will cut through the Seehausener forest.

In times of global climate crisis it is not acceptable for the state to keep pushing a car-based system.

We don’t want another forest to be destroyed for a shitty highway, which will just generate more profit for the industry and further destroy the environment and living space for all lifeforms.

As the government keeps on ignoring the interests of people and nature, we choose to directly prevent the cutting and construction.

This is not just a fight for mobility change but part of a way bigger struggle against the capitalist system. We do not want to create a greener capitalism based on the exploitation of humans and nature espacially in the global south. As long as this colonial patriarchal system exists, we will continue to climb trees and occupy forests to stop destructive projects like the A14.

We are just one part of the resistance against the highway. We stand in solidarity with all persons fighting with all methods against all highways and the system that needs them.

We stand in solidarity with everyone fighting against oppression and the destruction of our world.

We want to create an open space in which we try to reflect and unlearn oppressive behavior, where everyone is welcome and feels invited to pass by and be part of the occupation.

No machos. No fascists. No cops.

For a world without hierarchies. For selfdetermination. For a good life for everyone.

Moni bleibt!

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